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AnDrEa MaYy ~ ArTiStiC eNtrEpReNeUr

~ AbStRaCt fLoW pErFoRmAnCe ArTiSt ~

Radiating positive energy into the universe & creating some art in the process 🙂

Creating finger-painted Interactive 3D mixed media art and immersive experiences, creating FuLL SeNsOrY ThErAPeUtiC SaCrEd pLaYsPaCes. Producing solo and collaborative exhibits in theaters and gallery’s, as well as installations and stages at events, festivals and retreats around the country.

Saving objects & furniture from being thrown out & upcycling them into a new loving reality. I Finger paint to capture the energy of specific moments and places, working with stained glass, mirror, fabric, crystals and other 3D add-ons to give dimension to every piece. Turning most art pieces into Orgonite.

Taking Pictures throughout the AsTrAL MaTTeR ExPeRiEnCe artistic process, as well as having inspiration & images from sacred medicine ceremonies & other magical moments infused with InFiNiTe LoVe & HeALiNg, overlaying & editing pictures creating digital designs called Astral Dimensions. These Astral Dimensions get transformed into different art mediums and interactive 3d creations including a range of textiles. Creating fabric that looks as though it’s breathing & MuLtIdImEnSiOnAL. Transforming it into tapestries, clothing, shoes, hats, and other wearable fashions. Surrounding the wearer with iMaGiNaTiOn ~an AuRa Of MaGiC ~ FaBriC oF tHe SoUL

Six years ago for the first time with no plan I quit my job because unhappiness filled my life. I made the promise to myself to do whatever it took to just be happy living my truth & ASTRAL MATTER was created ~ ASTRAL MATTER is a dream manifesting into this reality evolving into AnYtHiNg EvErYtHiNg & nOtHiNg At aLL ~ ASTRAL MATTER is me, it’s everything I do or create, the vibe I bring & the energy I put out capturing raw emotion & transforming it into an ArT ExPeRiEnCe. Everyday step by step I’m continuously evolving into the artistic creator that I am ~ ExPaNdiNg CoNsCiOuSnEsS tHrOuGh ArT ~ I aM CoNsCiOuSlY MaNiFeStiNg MaGiC oF tHe SuPeRcOnSciOuS fRoM tHe SuBcOnSciOuS FiNgErPaiNtiNg AnYtHiNg EvErYtHiNg & nOtHiNg At aLL CrEaTiNg iMaGiNaTiOn MaDe ViSiBlE !¡ While adventuring on this unknown spiraling path through dark nights & rainbow days I’ve come to realize the importance of my energy and the impact I have on the community around me & the beautiful souls that I’ve surrounded myself with.  FoR mE LiFe iS aLL aBoUt LiViNg My TrUtH & bEiNg HaPPy & bY DoiNg ThiS cReAtiNg HaPpiNeSs FoR oThErS & i TruLy ThiNk iM oN tHe RiGhT pAtH ~ tHiS hAs BeEn & iS cOnTiNuiNg To Be OnE oF tHe MosT iNcReDiBlE MuLtiCoLoReD PsYcHoAcTiVe, EyE oPeNiNg, HeArT eXpAnDiNg ExPeRiEnCeS iVe EvEr ExPeRiEnCeD & tO ThInK tHiS aLL sTaRtEd As JuSt A tHoUgHt NoT tHaT LoNg AgO & MaNiFeStEd iNtO sOmEtHiNg So MaGiCaL !

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